SampleTime - Stocktaking Made Easy

Whether for your annual stock count, your cycle-counting measures or sporadic controlling - if you need to count something, count less with SampleTime!

SampleTime is an easy-to-use application that enables companies to reduce inventory counting effort to a minimum. Unlike conventional methods or applications, SampleTime relies on statistical sampling, and uses the power of mathematics to transform a cost-intensive and error-prone process into a lean and effective operation.

Determine your inventory on hand for your entire warehouse in just 3 easy steps:


1. Import

Using a simple data interface, you can import your warehouse book data to the SampleTime system. Data such as item number, quantity on hand, and prices are required. Additional data SampleTime can work with include stock location number, warehouse number and/or plant ID. The data is transfered using a CSV file.

2. Count

The so-called stock phenomenon (80/20 rule) is utilized to determine which items should be counted. A small part of  items account for a large part of the total stock value. These few but high-priced items are counted in full. The software then divides the remaining items into homogeneous strata and calculates the random samples on this basis. This sample can be counted directly in SampleTime or in a downloadable Excel file.

Once you have physically counted the required items in the sample, the results are sent back to SampleTime and are extrapolated across the entire population. You are delivered an estimated total inventory value and your attention is drawn to the items with discrepancies.

Statistical Inventory Sampling is a field-proven counting method

Companies have been using statistical sampling to obtain highly accurate estimations of stock value dating back to the 1960's. This counting method has been widely adopted in Germany, Switzerland and Austria as a substitute for the legally required full inventory counts as well as general inventory controlling purposes.

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Why Should I use SampleTime

  • Fast

    Save time and money by counting less

  • Profitable

    Turn unproductive days of stocktaking into productive working days

  • Simple

    SampleTime does the math and tells you what to count

  • Reliable

    1+1 will always equal 2 - rely on math for accurate counting results

Meet the SampleTime Team

We are not your traditional start-up. Our SampleTime team is backed by the Institute of Operations Research and Management which brings nearly 40 years of inventory counting project experience and established mathematical algorithms from the field of Operations Research.
Let us help you reduce your counting effort!

Christian Günther Product Manager Send Email
Andreas Belz Business Development
Halil Ibrahim Gülez Core Development

Pricing Pay-per-Count Result

After you have uploaded your data and counted the sample that SampleTime created, you will be asked to pay the fee for the counting results. The fee depends on the number of items within the population that is being counted. The results are identical for all three packages and will inform you of any discrepencies found.

Start Counting Less Today

Small Counts

$ 99 0 - 5,000 items

Ideal for counting small sections of the warehouse or for smaller sized companies.

Medium Counts

$ 199 5,001 - 10,000 items

Ideal for mid-size companies.

Large Counts

$ 299 10,001 + items

Ideal for large companies and as a substitute for full inventory counts.

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